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Become a Playful Artist

Unleash your inner artist and play your way to calm confidence with watercolour exploration

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You know that feeling when you see someone else’s art and it’s like…

“Beautiful! I could never do that. I am not an artist.”

Or you spend more time musing about what to create rather than actually making artthe fear of messing up is real and it’s holding you back.

Let’s ignite your creative spirit, and experience the pure joy and fulfillment in creating art so freely.

Your creativity is timeless and there’s no such thing as not being “good enough

Introducing: The Artist Playground

Discover your creative sanctuary and let The Artist Playground Community be your creative home to embark on a wild journey of watercolor exploration.

Dive into the transformative power of art as a playful tool for tapping into your creative energy, and cultivating a deeper sense of creativity and mindfulness in your daily life. Embrace spontaneity and flow as you create art purely for the bliss of it by releasing attachment to outcomes and joy in the process of playful exploration.

Ignite your creative spirit within The Artist Playground, where happy mistakes are celebrated and the freedom to explore at your own pace is celebrated. Learn fresh techniques, and unique approaches to discover fulfillment through freedom of expression. Immerse yourself in a space that nurtures your creativity, providing a monthly infusion of inspiration, tips, encouragement, and accountability.

Who is this for?

If you’re curious to explore watercolor but don’t know where to start. You’ve never dipped a brush in water before or even used watercolour. Don’t worry, we got you!

Seasoned artist who wants to get loose and paint with confidence. Individuals longing to cultivate a deeper sense of creativity in their lives.

Additionally, adventurous and multipassionate individuals seeking to connect with nature and develop a sustainable mindful practice.

Being “An Artist” is not required to join in on the fun – let your creativity soar!

What’s included inside the community

Monthly ‘Paint it Out’ live Zoom (from blank page to finished mini painting on paper), delve into fresh new themes inspired by the wildness and connection of nature

Biweekly ‘Art Dates’ social sessions to keep the creative momentum flowing and inspiring

Curated resources such as fun art supplies love, curated music playlist, art challenges, and prompts provide a path to progress and nurture your creativity, as well as pre-recorded videos to uplevel your skills.

Explore the magic of watercolour and other new mediums to expand your creative horizons and avoid feeling restricted to just one medium

Gentle guidance to unlock the free flow of your creative energy and embrace the creative whispers within through a mindful practice of artistic self-expression

Connect with your new art buddies through a private social group and get ongoing support as we embark on a magical journey of creative discovery together

All art gatherings on Zoom will be held on Wednesdays CEST (Time T.B.D). Times will rotate each month to create more accessibility in different time zones. You’ll have exclusive access to recorded sessions for you to watch at your own pace, anytime.

The Joy of Watercolour

Escape from the daily grind and discover the magic of watercolor – a meditative and immersive experience that allows your imagination to run wild. 

Whether you have five minutes or an hour, you can easily take your compact watercolor kit with you and paint in-between moments to nourish your creative soul and feel reinvigorated.

Beyond Watercolour

As much as we love watercolor, we can’t help but get excited about exploring new mediums and styles that work so well with watercolour, like gouache and pen markers for more exploration and creative expression.

Unlock new levels of adventure and inspiration in your art by exploring new mediums that work well with watercolour. Not only will it add vibrant colors and textures to your art, but it will also boost your confidence and ignite your creativity, leading to endless possibilities and exciting discoveries. So don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

With curiosity and practice, you’ll gain the confidence to create unique pieces and expand your skills, allowing you to fearlessly explore new mediums and embark on exciting adventures of artistic discovery.

Create freely and let your imagination run wild!

4 Magical Perks of Being a Member!

A community where creativity meets playfulness and joyful exploration is experienced through calm confidence

Join The Artist Playground and Free your Artistic Spirit- there’s no “right” way to be an artist!


As a founding member, you’ll snag the exclusive price of just €15 per month! That’s a sweet deal but not for long. The next round of invites will be higher and eventually, we’ll reach our full price of €30 per month!

We’re at the early stages, which means we have a blank canvas to work with. This is exciting because your voice and feedback will be essential in shaping the future of our community. Join us in co-building a creative sanctuary where artists can flourish and grow together, but you’ll also receive 1-on-1 support! 

AND BONUS 3: Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee – no strings attached.


15 / monthly

The Artist Playground

Membership is automatically billed every month, you can cancel anytime.

  • 2 x Open Studio Play
  • 1 x Live Guided Workshops
  • Monthly Inspiration
  • Private Community

Join with complete peace of mind! If it’s not your cup of tea, no worries – we’ll give you a full refund within 30 days. It’s that easy.

Your happiness matters.

Hey! I’m Susan

Hey, I’m Susan

As someone who had drifted away from my art for years, and rediscovered my love for art after a long hiatus, I know firsthand how it feels to be disconnected and discouraged.

After challenging myself to create art every day for 30 days and later embarked on a 100-day journey, that transformed my creative journey in ways I never could have imagined.

Having fun with art challenges has served as a catalyst for my ongoing art practice, rekindling my connection with both myself and nature.

That’s why I created the Artist Playground – a community that offers a sense of belonging, encouragement, support, and guidance that can be found here.

Be part of an exciting journey, as we cultivate creativity, nourish our souls, and ignite lasting inspiration together.

*Have a question? Still not sure if this is a right fit for you? Send me DM on Instagram x.