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Hey, I’m Susan!

My artwork is influenced by a lifetime of venturing around the world, from the sunny shores of Sydney to the enchanting tulip fields of the Netherlands. They embody spontaneity, subconsciousness, and expressive energy – a reflection of my love for the diverse and wild beauty of nature that surrounds me.

From the vibrant and intricate Mayan patterns of Guatemala to the wild rockpools and beaches of Australia, and the enchanting tulip fields of the Netherlands, my art is a reflection of my colorful life experiences. 

I am an abstract artist jumping from watercolour to gouache, and acrylics, basically, I’m a multi-passionate artist playing with all mediums.

As I strive to bring all these connections together. Having my watercolor palette and sketchbook always at hand keeps my adventurous spirit and curiosity alive and vibrant.

People often ask me how I make art seem so effortless. Truth be told, it all started when I hit rock bottom and needed a creative change. That’s when I started my first 100-day art challenge. It helped me tap into my intuition, let go of perfectionism, and bring play into my art process. I rediscovered my love for art that I had been missing for over a decade.

I hope to inspire others to reignite their own creative spark and find joy in the artistic process and discover the endless possibilities that come with a life full of creativity.

Through my own personal experience of healing and reconnecting with my inner creativity, I have discovered that creativity is not just a skill or a hobby, but a way of life.

Art has been a source of healing and nurturing for me, especially during dark times when I felt disconnected from my creativity and life.

Rather than striving for perfection, art has become my medium for self-expression and creative exploration.

My own creative arc journey started from my early days as a designer, and more recently, as a video strategist and editor. Yet, after rediscovering my love for art five years ago, I now find myself returning to my calling as an artist.

Through this journey, I’ve come to understand the struggle of feeling disconnected from one’s creativity and passions, but it has shown me the transformative power of creative expression in our lives.

Art for the Soul

Art is a powerful force that can transform your life and open up new pathways of self-expression and personal growth.

Whether you’re feeling lost, uninspired, or stuck in a rut, art has the power to help you reconnect with your inner creativity and find your way back to your true self.

Creativity is a journey, not a destination

Cultivating creativity is about diving into the process of exploration, play, and self-expression, and embracing the wild beauty of imperfections along the way.

Sure it takes practice, but I promise that the more ugly art you make and loosen up – the bigger the chance of having space to grow and find your artistic voice.

Because the more we create, the more we get to explore and play with our creativity, unlocking new parts of ourselves and feeling more connected.

Cultivating play and curiosity is like being on an exciting adventure where the only limit is our imagination.

Discover your playful side as an artist

Art Challenges

Embarking on an art challenge can transform your creative journey, that not only helps establish a consistent art practice, but also inspires creative growth, and fosters a sense of fulfillment and joy in one’s creative journey.

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Discover your playful side as an artist

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